At Cornerstone Surveying & Engineering, Inc. (Cornerstone), we recognize that, in order to successfully serve you, we must have an established mission. To achieve this mission, we are guided by, and faithfully adhere to, our vision and core values. You, our client, are an integral part of our company, and we are pleased to share these standards with you.


Our mission at Cornerstone is to provide high quality, multi-disciplined professional land services to the public and private sectors. This is accomplished through a team of professionals with differing areas of expertise who can analyze a site, offer advice, and implement solutions. We are committed to professional excellence; consistent, high-quality work; personal attention; and integrity.


Our vision at Cornerstone begins with our employees and the belief that they are the foundation of our company. Our employees are deeply ingrained with the values of the work ethic passed down to us from our forebears and the ideals that have set America apart from other nations for centuries.


bulletHonor God in all we do
bulletExhibit integrity
bulletPursue excellence
bulletCreate an environment of teamwork & trust
bulletDevelop our employees to their full potential
bulletRegard all employees as infinitely significant
bulletMeet each employee’s monetary needs
bulletValue each client as infinitely significant
bulletRegard each project as if we were the owner
bulletMeet or exceed our client’s expectations
bulletBring each project to successful completion